Willimantic Records

Over the past 14 months, Willimantic Records has been able to accomplish what was deemed by some as impossible. When you think that most record stores closed their doors almost a decade ago, and that most people today are much more likely to download a song than buy an album from a small shop, the idea of opening a store that sells primarily used vinyl is a proposition that takes a lot of faith. It’s a specialized market that requires a level of dedication and passion beyond that of the average music aficionado. The essence of enthusiasm, Willimantic Records is a unique shop that represents the love of analogue and a passion for independence.

Willimantic Records hosts shows of local and independent artists most weekends. Some of the past bands  and performers to be noted are: Damon and Naomi, Paul Flaherty, Dredd Fool and Randall Colboure. The artwork that hangs above the records was painted by Dan Greene, who played at an opening with his band The Mountain Movers. Willimantic Records holds a stock of about 40,000 different records, a few thousands used cds and a selection of vintage magazines, locally printed t-shirts, used books and electronics. You’ll find this shop in the back of City Side Deli, next to Neriman’s Tailor shop, taking back Riverside Drive. If you see a crowd of people hanging around outside, it’s a good sign that there is a show and that you should pay them a visit.