Mayor Ernest S. Eldridge

Mayor Ernie Eldridge

As the first Mayor of Windham, I welcome you to our historic town. Willimantic had many Mayors, but when consolidation came about in the 1980’s, Willimantic was a city no more, but a service district. As the first mayor of Windham, I hope to be included in the history books as is the gentleman seated on the horse behind me. Of course, he’s Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt who came to visit Willimantic in 1902. Riding in a carriage along with then Willimantic Mayor D.C.Barry . The President made a public address to a large group of citizens. President Roosevelt was not the first president to visit our fair city. U.S. Grant visited in 1880 and toured the Willimantic Linen Company; it was the first mill to have electric lighting. Past President Taft also visited our fine city to speak at the Old School and Home Days in 1915. President Eisenhower stopped here speaking from the platform of a rail road observation car. It’s my hope that rail service will return to Windham so that many other people who may go down in history will visit our great town.