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Willimantic River, Views from ATCO Building #2

Well it’s been almost a year since I have last added to this project, and to my amazement this page is still receiving traffic and there are new likes almost on a weekly basis on Facebook. I’m glad to still see interest in my project, despite my lack of producing new content. I started this […]

Local Music

Local Music exists as a bit of a rare treat amongst the many shops along Main Street Willimantic. It’s uncommon these days to see somebody open up a new music store. The rise of giants like Guitar Center and online retailers have put many shops that have been open for generations out of business. The […]

ATCO Mill #2 Timeclock, Windham Textile and History Museum

American Thread Company mill #2 time clock circa 1904 The advent of electric illumination was a revolution for the industrial process. Factories could now be run 24 hours a day, with workers starting and ending shifts at set times, regardless of whether there was sunlight. The principle of time became a major element of a […]

Ben Keller and Melica Bloom

“I see so many empty canvases on walls” proclaims Ben Keller as he reminisces about his collaboration with Melica Bloom creating large murals in public spaces around Willimantic. For the past 10 months, the duo has been working with the town and area businesses to create an added sense of space in our city. In […]

Willimantic Records

Over the past 14 months, Willimantic Records has been able to accomplish what was deemed by some as impossible. When you think that most record stores closed their doors almost a decade ago, and that most people today are much more likely to download a song than buy an album from a small shop, the […]

Elsa M. Núñez – President, Eastern Connecticut State University

I started my job at Eastern in August 2006 and had been in Willimantic less than a week when I attended my first Third Thursday Street Fest. The greeting I got was amazing. During the two hours it took me to walk the five blocks of the festival, I found the townspeople to be warm and welcoming and […]

Kerri Quirk – Artist and Gallery

Impeccable vision, a unique way of seeing this world, and an incredible passion for creating meaningful works: Kerri Quirk and Horizons have created a world class gallery right here on Main Street for all of Willimantic and the surrounding communities to enjoy. Opened in May of 2010, the Kerri gallery hosts shows of Kerri’s unique […]

The Bench Shop

“We don’t sell benches.” – 45 years in the making, the Bench Shop is one of Willimantic’s longest continuously operating Main Street storefronts. The Bench Shop is Willimantic’s Halloween headquarters. The place to buy your mask, make-up, blood, scars and accessories. Being local and family owned, they stock a level of selection superior to that […]

Mayor Ernest S. Eldridge

As the first Mayor of Windham, I welcome you to our historic town. Willimantic had many Mayors, but when consolidation came about in the 1980’s, Willimantic was a city no more, but a service district. As the first mayor of Windham, I hope to be included in the history books as is the gentleman seated on the horse […]

Pam Wright – Keeping Willi Wild

Pam Wright – I am a Advanced Master Gardener, retired teacher and longtime resident of Willimantic. I have always had an interest in nature, gardening, the environment and their relationship to a healthy and satisfying life. I have created amazing gardens on my own property and have worked with the Garden Club of Windham on gardens in public […]